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Filming in Argentina

Hiring a fixer in Argentina

Filming in Argentina, you will most likely not require a visa. Our fixer in Argentina considers the country film-friendly if you avoid demonstrations and thieves. There are some situations where you do not even need a film permit. We can find special equipment or equipment needed for small and medium shootings in Buenos Aires, at reasonable prices and we can arrange for cheap transportation to locations. We can also help you benefit from tax incentives and make the most of the weather.

Visa for Argentina

Private U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business, i.e. filming in Argentina. The same goes for most European countries. Visit the Embassy of Argentina’s website for visa information. Demonstrations occur frequently in Buenos Aires and other cities. Protesters often block streets. Street crime is a problem in most cities. Look out on the street, in restaurants and hotel lobbies, at bus and train stations, in public transportation, and cruise ship ports.

Film Permits in Argentina

As per our fixer in Argentina, a simple b-roll with a basic camera and tripod setup, without shooting people, can usually get away without a permit. Controlling traffic will require a permit that can take up to one week. Drone filming, capturing some government buildings, historic locations, or national parks requires special film permits. Please let us know what you are looking to shoot and we can tell you how much lead time you should allow for.

Special equipment renting info

There are a lot of cameras, grip, and lighting equipment available at good quality. Traditional camera equipment is mostly Arri, but there are now plenty of HDV cameras available. There is also a wide selection of good-quality cranes, dollies, and remote heads. Buenos Aires is the main location for equipment rental and there are also several high-quality studio facilities in the city. As your film fixer, we need to remind you about transport costs for equipment if you are filming in more remote areas.

Cultural facts

Besides having the right film permits in Argentina, you also need to respect cultural norms here. Do not make the OK sign or give a thumbs up here. These signs do not mean the same thing as what you may be used to. Also be warned that Argentine humor can sometimes be insulting, poking fun at one’s appearance, weight, or attire. The people communicate in an open, blunt, and direct manner. Do not expect early dinners in Argentina, people usually eat at 10 pm.

Weather when filming in Argentina

Filming in Argentina, you will discover sub-arctic temperatures in the far south to sub-tropical in the north. Buenos Aires and the central region have a temperate climate with temperatures varying from 35C in January to 10C in July. In summer, humidity averages 65%. Most rain also falls in the summer, although it can be expected throughout the year. The far south has cold and quick-changing weather. Winter temperatures average around freezing, while summer temperatures reach between 6C and 12C.

Tax rebate in Argentina

As per our fixer in Argentina, feature films or fiction series must have at least four days of filming in Buenos Aires and spend a minimum of $660,000 (80 million pesos) to qualify for an application for a 20% cash rebate. Also, foreign companies are not charged the 21% national tax on production services, nor the 17% national tax on rooms. There is an unavoidable 5% tax on the hotel’s rate. Argentina offers many opportunities for film and TV co-productions.

Conclusion on filming in Argentina

We can help you find comfortable accommodations in Buenos Aires, even more so since the government will waive some taxes for foreign productions. You can find a diverse range of people, equipment, landscapes, and climates when shooting here. Besides the occasional pickpockets, you also need to be mindful of the gestures you do here.

You will be surprised to know that, by bending only your middle and ring finger at someone (like the signs people make at rock concerts), you are basically signaling them that their wife is cheating on them. Our fixer in Argentina can tell you all about signs, film permits, and other realities of filming in Argentina. For any details about shooting here, do not hesitate to contact us directly.