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Argentines are Italians who speak Spanish, think they are French, but secretly want to be British, goes a famous saying. The country is famously a melting pot of many different cultures which our production coordinator in Argentina loves to make the most of during shootings. As per our journalist fixer, Argentina owes its diversity to the Spanish colonization between 1857 and 1950 and subsequent mass immigration. During that time, the USA was the only country to receive more immigrants than Argentina.

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Buenos Aires

People from Buenos Aires are called porteños, meaning people from the port, to reference that many of the inhabitants are immigrants. 97% of Argentinians have European roots. According to our production coordinator in Argentina, Buenos Aires constantly receives tourists from all over the world and offers a large choice of cultural events, restaurants, and pubs. Our location scout can uncover hidden gems of Argentine nightlife just for you. To have the Argentine experience, visit El Puerto de Buenos Aires.

Iguazu Falls

Our production coordinator in Argentina believes it is difficult to put into words how awe-inspiring the 275 waterfalls are. It is viewable from both Argentina and Brazil and can be accessed from Paraguay. If you are willing to get wet and extra careful with the equipment, you can take a boat trip that will take you underneath one of the waterfalls. It is a great way to make your viewers feel like they are experiencing it first-hand.

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Iguazu Falls


Cordoba is known for its colonial buildings and the surrounding hills. It is also nicknamed La Docta because of its many universities and scientific institutes. The 200,000 people study here makes the city’s population one of the youngest and liveliest in South America. If you are interested to discover more about the cultural life here, our journalist fixer can find some interesting characters for you to interview. Nightlife is concentrated around Güemes, Alta Córdoba, and the red-light district of Ex Abasto.

Santa Fe

During weekdays, you need to visit Laguna Setúbal, one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. Avoid filming here on weekends unless you like a big crowd. In fact, our location scout swears that the best time to visit is during the bi-annual week-long music and arts festival hosted by the National University. Other week-long events are hosted around the year, especially in theater, poetry, dances, and choirs. Santa Fe is also the place to capture all genres of rock music.

 Santa Fe

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If you want to capture massive, beautiful, and desolate scenes, try Patagonia. When location scouting we can show you where to find endangered wildlife. Our production coordinator in Argentina will tell you what to pack in case of an emergency since help might not be able to reach you on the same day here. They love to show customers Ruta 40 – a highway that goes through desert plains and lush vineyards passes by crystal lakes, glaciers, and the peaks of the Andes Mountains.

Hiring a location scout in Argentina

Whether you are looking to capture a remote desert scene or want to showcase the power of the water falling from great heights, Argentina is the place for you. The country offers a diversity of landscapes and people, according to our production coordinator in Argentina.

It will also spoil you from an architectural and cultural point of view. If you are looking for some vibrant nightlife scenes, we can show you around Buenos Aires or Cordoba. For outstanding scenery, we can help you capture a never-before-seen angle of Laguna Setúbal, Iguazu Falls, or the wilderness of Patagonia. Your characters could enjoy the open road through the desert and create a feeling of freedom on-screen on the infamous Ruta 40.

If none of these quite fits what you are looking for, get in touch with us anyway. We can recommend other tailored locations based on your needs.

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